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Initial setup, stuck on "Please Run Channel Auto Scan"

I just bought an NS-19E720A12.  I jam going through initial set-up.  When selecting input source, I selected “Cable/Satellie Box.”  I am hooked by coax to an AT&T U-verse cable box, which is turned on, and which worked fine for the other TV.


The note at the bottom says “If using a cable or Satellite box, auto scan is not needed.  Press Exit.”  I do, and I return to the message mentioned above.





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Re: Initial setup, stuck on "Please Run Channel Auto Scan"

Hello Clemente21,


In order to view your U-verse programming on your TV while you are connected to the box via coax cable, simply put the TV on channel 03 using the Insignia remote. You should then receive a prompt from the U-verse box that states "Press OK to Watch TV", press "OK" on the U-verse remote and you should now be able to access your programming.


Alternatively you could connect the U-verse box to your TV with either Composite (yellow, red and white), Component (red, green, blue, red and white), or HDMI (for the best quality image) cables; then you would simply put the TV on the corresponding input.

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Re: Initial setup, stuck on "Please Run Channel Auto Scan"



I'm having the same problem as Clemente with the same TV model.  Regrettably your suggested fix did not solve the problem.  DO you have any other recommendations?





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Re: Initial setup, stuck on "Please Run Channel Auto Scan"

We had the same problem with Insignia NS-19E720A12.   When setting it up, at the step where we were about to choose antenna, the set immediately started scanning.  It found 74 digital channels, blanked out, "Please wait,"  then: "Please run Channel Auto Scan." Repeatedly we pressed the menu button and reran the auto scan with the same result.  Turning off the TV, later turning  it on, the same message was there.   Insignia Support said to return the set since it was faulty.  We exchanged it, brought another set home, went through the same set up procedure--WITH EXACTLY THE SAME EXPERIENCE!!!  In frustration, when it once again  (almost?) reached the 74 digital channels scanned, we quickly pressed the Menu button and immediately the Exit button:  A TV picture popped onto the screen.  The TV now works, but we are left wondering whether there are more problems ahead.  (S/N:  215 LE19MS75BH009077)