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Insignia NS-42L260A13 42' Sound keeps cutting in and out

I purchased a Insignia NS-42L260A13 42' and really love the tv except that the sound keeps cutting in and out.  There is no pattern as to when it will cut out and usually only lasts a few seconds but it is just enough to be extremely annoying.  I have it connected by HDMi cable to my HD cable box and I have switched the cable and change the HDMi port that it is plugged into and it still continues... any suggestions or ideas?  Thanks

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Re: Insignia NS-42L260A13 42' Sound keeps cutting in and out

Hello suzyleep,

Welcome to Community@Insignia™!

I have a few questions for you:

  • What is the brand and model number of your cable box?
  • Who is your cable service provider and in what city and state do you reside?
  • Does the problem occur for any other HDMI devices, e.g., disk player, game console, etc.?
  • I know that you said there's no pattern, but does the problem occur on SD and HD channels?
  • Have you tried connecting the box to another TV (if possible) as a troubleshooting step?

Any additional information you can provide (more is better) will help us answer your question.

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