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Insignia Roku TV 5302x will lose internet connection for weeks.

The title says most of what I need to convey.  When I goto Wireless- it will search for internet and completely lock up.  You cannot power off tv with remote of power button, even when help down.  TV will stay like this for hours checking Intenet Connection and I must finally pull the power cord to be able to use the tv again.  My software bios version is current. 
This problem just started this month, it did work for 1 evening, and then went right back to the same problem again.  Everything else in the house connects well, and we have "broadband" cable internet at a minimum of 14 megs per second. 
Netflixs even work on my old Motorola phone through wi-fi-, but not this tv. 

- Also there was no event that occured that seems to coincide with this.

- Power cycling for hours does not help.

-Tv has also been randomly turning itself on at night.  This just started last night, and I am at a loss as to what this has to do with internet other than bad electical period.