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Insignia TV ns-24d510na15 power cord DC 12V 3.3A

I lost my power cord for my Insignia TV model ns-24d510na15. So I went to BBY with the TV and BBY sold me a 12V AC power cord. This power cord only flashed a message on the screen for 1 second. Returned the power cord and notiffied BBY the TV states a 12V DC power cord not AC. BBY suggest buying a cord on Amazon. Therefore, I ordered a 12V DC cord on Amazon. When I plugged in the TV power cord and connected the TV to comcas,t there was a picture for about 30 seconds. Then the picture started to flicker and a few seconds later the TV powered off. The TV would not power back on. Then I read that the power cord was a DC 12V 1A and I read next to model number it stated DC 12V 3.3A. Therefore there were 2 different messages on the back of the TV, one stating DC 12V and one stating DC 12V 3.3A.


Now, I am assuming the TV powered off because of the 12V 1A power cord rather then a DC 12V 3.3A power cord. Did I ruin a curcuit board by using the 12V 1A? Can I order the correct DC 12V 3.3A power cord and expect the TV to work? TY