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I bought this TV in December and it turns off on its own(sometimes turns back on), freezes, loses volume and goes to the home page on its own. This happens several times throughout the day. Used to only happen once a day or every other day. We only have a DVD player hooked up and satellite TV. We watch the satellite and Netflix the most. It doesn't happen when using DVD player (we don't use it much though so that may just be luck). We'll be in the middle of watching something and suddenly have no volume. Or it'll just turn off. Or return to the Home screen. Sometimes we are able to fix whatever happens by turning it off and on but many times I have to unplug it. It's driving us crazy!! I do not want to bring it somewhere because it's a 48" and may not even fit in my car. Ideas?
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Re: NS-48DR510NA17

I too have similiar issues. the boot out of apps seems to be primaraly on Netflix. Most of the other apps work fine but it has gotten to the point now that I dont use Netflix which is terrible because I Pay for that one app. It will power off the tv or go to the home screen. I was hoping to fnd some support on here about what to try. and no it is not an issue with too many users on my account nor is it a problem with my router. all over devices in my hosue work fine. though the wifi is very finaky. the ablity to hardline into my TV would be nice.

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Re: NS-48DR510NA17

Hello Jargon87,


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Have you tried power cycling your TV? Do this: turn off your TV and unplug it for several minutes. This should reset the TV without changing any of your current settings.


If there is no change, you may wish to try a complete factory reset of your TV. Please note: this will remove all custom settings. Do this: navigate to Settings > System > Advanced system settings > Factory reset, and then highlight Factory reset everything. Read the information on the screen to make sure you understand what this reset operation does. To proceed with the full factory reset, use the on-screen number pad to enter the code displayed on the screen, and then select OK to proceed. When the factory reset operation completes, your TV restarts and displays the first Guided Setup screen. You can find more information in the TV User Guide.


If the problem persists after these steps, I recommend contacting Insignia Support at 877-467-4289 for assistance troubleshooting your TV.




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Re: NS-48DR510NA17

1)reset our internet modem.

2)made sure login was correct.

3) rebooted the television.

4) Power cycled television.

5) confirmed that when television booted back to main or rebooted system internet connection was firm.

6) confirmed that no other downloaded App had similar issues.(left on for most of the day each multiple day testing.)

7)checked for updates to the television.

8)checked for updates on app.

9)factory reset the television

10)downloaded the app all over again.

10) after being booted from netflix again logged into other netflix enabled devices with ease.


Guess Ill have to give you a call.