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NS-P502Q-10A - Powering off on it's own.


I have been experiencing an issue with my Insignia NS-P502Q-10A for about a month now. I've owned the TV for a few years. What happens is, randomly during use, on no consistent pattern or any consistent triggers, and no signs of any problems, the TV will just shut off completely. When it does, the red LED power light in the bottom left hand corner that is normally illuminated while the TV is powered off goes black. If I attempt to turn the TV back on (with the remote or physical button on the unit), nothing happens. I have to unplug the TV and plug it back in before it SEEMS to come back to life. A lot of times, instead of coming back on and working normally, the screen will flash for only a brief second, then go back to black, but this time the red LED power light stays on. Again, trying to turn the TV off or on with the remote or physical power buttons does nothing.

Sometimes, The first time after unplugging it and plugging back in, it will come right back with no problems, and other times i will unplug and replug it in 4-5 times or more before it starts behaving again. Also, sometimes no matter how many times I do it it doesnt come back, and I eventually give up and just leave it unplugged for as long as possible (overnight usually), after which it will generally start working again.

It will sometimes go for a week or more without having a single issue, and other times it happens several times a day or several times a week.

I have browsed around and found other people experiencing issues that might possibly be related, but nothing that resembles my issue closely enough. Any and all help is much appreciated.