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Old philips Magnavox vcr hook up?

Hello. This may be crazy but I am trying to hook up an old vcr to my Insignia NS-24E730A12 led-lcd tv.  I have tried numerous things but getting no signal. The vcr is quite old but I previously had it hooked up a while ago. But now not getting signal.  Is it possible? Do I need certain cables or attachments? 

The vcr only has white and yellow in/out and ANT in/out.  

Thank you for any info! Kelbog

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Re: Old philips Magnavox vcr hook up?

Hello Kelbog,


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You should be able to connect your VCR to the TV using composite (RCA) cables. Connect the yellow cable to the yellow port next to AV IN on your TV and the red and white to the corresponding ports in the same location.


You can find more information in the TV User Guide.




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