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Online manuals

Where is the user manual for a NS-55L260A13?

I followed the instructions, go to, click Support and Service, enter the model number in the Product Search field, then click search. 561 items matched, starting with 60 watt LED bulbs, which are not even a close match to a 55 inch 1080p LCD TV.

I've been through all 561 items twice and didn't see it.

I tried to email Insignia, but the "email us" link contains no email address to actually email.

No user manual included with a $700 TV because Insignia is "going green". Not acceptable if the instructions to get the manual are wrong.

I want to know why a bright red LED on the lower left bezel comes on when I turn the TV off, so I can turn it off, it's annoyingly bright in a dark bedroom.

Creating a new account to post a question asking where the user manual can be found because Insignia is going green (too cheap?) is a fail for customer satisfaction. In my field I'd never even consider subjecting a customer to such an inconvenience to save a few sheets of paper and then claim I'm being green if I wanted that customer to stay a customer and refer others.

Customer satisfaction failure.
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Re: Online manuals

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Welcome to Community@Insignia™!

I  regret the inconvenience to you when yo visited our website and am at a loss to explain what happened. I was able to locate the Manuals & Support page for your product by the means you described without issue. Unfortunately, the red stand-by light you mention will be displayed when the TV is powered off and cannot be disabled except by unplugging the TV. 


About contacting Insignia: the option to email us is provided via a form on our website. An email address is not needed and therefore not published. I'm sorry that this wasn't clarified on our Contact page. Our forum Community exists for customers like yourself to get in contact with Insignia -- and other Insignia owners and enthusiasts -- by the most convenient means for them. I understand the process to pose your question may have been more cumbersome than you wished, and I'm grateful for that feedback. However, please remember that you may also call us for more immediate service at 877-467-4289.


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Re: Online manuals

My Tv is practically new,it willnot come on defective!