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PC Audio Input - Mono Sound Only



Recently I have purchased a 42" Insignia LCD TV (Model# NS-L42Q-10A). Everything is working great (aside from 2 dead pixels - which aren't noticeable it you're not looking for them up close). I've hooked up my cable, Xbox 360, and PC all through HDMI. I'm using HDMI port 1 as the manual describes for the computer hook up, to utilize the "PC Audio Input" with HDMI Port 1, via a DVI to HDMI cable. This is working fine now, however, I'm only getting mono sound.


Is there something I can do about this, or simply a limitation of the way I have it hooked up? Would SPDIF make a difference, or can I simply not use a DVI to HDMI cable for my video out on my computer and receive stereo sound?




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Re: PC Audio Input - Mono Sound Only

Hello ebergman and welcome to the forums.


The TV should automatically default to mono or stereo depending on the signal (mono/stereo) coming from the source (PC).

Please make sure the sound settings in your PC are set to Stereo. Also make sure the sound/music you're playing has been recorded in stereo.

You may also want to set the TV to Stereo:

  1. Go to Menu > Audio
  2. Set MTS/SAP to Stereo

Should the issue persist, please try resetting the TV to factory default:

  1. Go to Menu > Settings
  2. Scroll down until you see Reset to Default; highlight the option and press OK/Enter.



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Re: PC Audio Input - Mono Sound Only

Just wanted to update; this was a problem with the cable I was using for audio, and nothing the PC or TV were at fault for. Replaced the cable, works great.


Thanks for a quality and affordable product!