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Picture doesn't fill screen

I just got a 28" Insignia tv. (and hooked it up with a shaw cable box using HDMI. Model number: NS28D310NA15)

I can't get my picture to fill the whole screen; it has black bars along the top, bottom, left and right. It should at least fit top to bottom, or left to right, but I get a big black border going all of the way around. 

I could change the aspect ratio to zoom it, but then when I go to the shaw guide (which automatically fits the screen perfectly), it too is zoomed in and a ton of it is cut off. 

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Re: Picture doesn't fill screen

Hello Andreardyck,

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There is a good chance that the picture can't go fullscreen.  This is because you are getting an SD signal from your cable while your TV is HD.  The best setting on the TV is wide or cinema.  Also in the advanced video settings inside the picture menu on the TV, I would like you to turn off the overscan.  Those are the only 2 things to change on the TV to change the screen size on the TV.  Any other changes would need to be made on the cable box.

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Re: Picture doesn't fill screen

My new 19" Insigna picture doesn't fill the entire screen. It's connected to cable. The menu on the cable remote doesn't allow me to change the picture size, nor does the insigna remotely