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Poor picture quality on Wii

Can someone please help me out ??? I just bought a new Insignia 46" LED-LCD HDTV and my Wii worked fine when it was first connected. Now the display looks like green and I cannot figure out how to fix it. I have it connected with high quality component video leads which were supplied to me at Best Buy when I purchased the TV. 

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Re: Poor picture quality on Wii

You're in the wrong forum but I can give you some suggestions.



  1. If the only problem is with the Wii (i.e. normal TV looks okay) then the problem is with the Wii or, more likely, the cable.
  2. If the problem is with colors going off then it's likely a cable problem.  My original (non-Nintendo) Wii component cable had a bad wire and the colors would occasionally go screwy.  I bought a replacement from an eBay seller (cheap, but shipping from HK takes a while, the first one was DOA but the free replacement is good) which fixed the problem.
  3. You could also try connecting the Wii via the included composite cable to verify everything is normal.


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Problems with the color of picture on Netflix

I have a new 46" Insignia and when we are watching netflix through the Wii the color is terrible. I don't understand when the Wii is connected with a component video lead supplied to me by the store when I purchased the TV. There is only one component video connection on my TV and it connects directly from the back of the Wii to the TV. Can anyone help me ?? Also when I am just watching TV the color is fine ???? Only have color problems when trying to watch a movie through the blue rau player or the Wii ????

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Re: Problems with the color of picture on Netflix

Hello ckaminski69,

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More information would be helpful, so please read this post and reply here with answers to the questions.  As picture issues like you describe are often due to cable connections, specific details about how your Wii is connected to the TV are of particular interest.  Also, did you try the steps recommended by ericball?  What were your results?

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