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Re: Grayed Out Color & Tint?

Hi Zac,


I just bought a new Insignia TV, LCD HD TV 39".  This is my first one and it looked great in the store.  I have the same problem.  With HDMI and my ATT cable box I get too much reds and I cannot change the tint.  If I use the other cables I can change the tint but the picture is not good and of cause not HD.


How can I fix this?  Your solution did not work.  do you have any other suggestions?



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Re: Greyed out Color, Tone, Sharpness controls

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Hi guys,


I have the same problem.  The basic answer is that I cannot watch HD TV right?  If I use any of the other connectors the HD is gone... IS there a firmware update or something?



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Re: Grayed Out Color & Tint?

Hello HDuser01,

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Since your two posts didn't appear to be related to the TV models being discussed in those threads, I have moved your posts to this new topic.


We'll be happy to look into your question if you'll please reply with your TV model number! Also, the brands and model numbers of any connected devices (e.g., AT&T box, etc.) and the connection types (e.g., HDMI, component, etc.) for those devices would be helpful for our research.

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Re: Grayed Out Color & Tint?

This is probably because the HDMI device you're using is sending in a RGB color space, causing the TV to lock out those color options. If you can change the HDMI color space on your device to YCbCr709, you may be able to get it to work. See the last post on this page. (And see a middle post on the page for an official Insignia response to someone having the same problem with another set.)


As to whether you can make that change, it depends on the device you have. If it's a Roku 2, you're probably out of luck (judging by the discussions in some of the Roku forums—the Roku 2 firmware is locked into RGB.) With some cable boxes and video game consoles, you can change it from one of the setup menus. You'll probably have to contact the support department for whoever makes your HDMI device to find that out.