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Re: NS-19E450A11 - Can't change input source

Hello SandraLee,

Thank you for responding!

Since you already have the box, lets first verify the connections. Make sure the HDMI cable is connected securely to the back of the box and to the TV. The HDMI port you connect to on the TV will be labeled, remember which port you connected it to. Turn the cable box and TV on and change the TV to the HDMI input that we connected to.


If at this point we cannot change inputs to HDMI, that means we are not getting a signal from the box. Leave the HDMI cable connected and unplug the cable box from the powe for at least a minute. Plug it back in and let it boot up. Then try to change inputs again to the input that we connected the HDMI cable to (HDMI1, HDMI2). If it still will not let you change inputs, try connecting the HDMI cable to the other HDMI input on the TV.


If you are still not getting a signal from the box the only option we have is to refer you to the cable company so they can troubleshoot their box. 

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Re: NS-19E450A11 - Can't change input source

I'm having the same issues. Tv is stuck on tv and my son never uses this for tv. Only hdmi to watch Netflix and play games. Self help directions are not working.
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Re: NS-19E450A11 - Can't change input source

Hello Emilyjake7,


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Since you've tried the recommended troubleshooting steps, I recommend contacting Insignia Support at 877-467-4289 for assistance troubleshooting your TV.


Thank you for writing to us.




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