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Roku TV turns off everytime I turn it on

have Insignia Roku TV that has been working fine for the past year or so. Today I changed my modem and when I went to use the TV the remote, it would not work at all, even after replacing the batteries. So I used the buttons on the TV and changed the input. No problems for about two hours and suddenly the TV is in a continuous cycle of turning itself on and off. After 10 minutes of this problem. I call Insignia support and they tell me to reset the the TV, I did that and now the problem has evolved to the TV shutting off when I turn it. The remote now works when I hit the power button but the TV is still powering off everytime I turn it on. Insignia was suggesting finding a TV repair but that is just a waste of time and money.


Additional info: There is no cable box connected, I've removed both HDMI cables, one for a PS4 and another for a Chromecast.