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Screw size needed to wall mount my tv

I just bought an Insignia ns-32L45oa11.  All of the screws for my wall mount are to big for the back of the tv.  What size screw would I need to fit into the back of the tv so I can wall mount it?

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Re: Screw size needed to wall mount my tv

Hi plas767,

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I am currently doing some research to provide you the accurate "Type of Screw" (M4, M6, M8, etc...) you will need to attach the TV to your wall mount bracket.


Will provide you an appropriate response as soon as possible.

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Re: Screw size needed to wall mount my tv

Hello plas767,


First of all, I would like to apologize for the delay in my response. I hope this information does not come in too late. This 

32” TV uses 3 M4 screws (Length:14mm).

If it was useful, and you liked it, Kudo it!

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Re: Screw size needed to wall mount my tv



Perhaps you can help me too.  I am trying to wall mount my 40" insignia TV but noticed that the screws that came with the TV were too short (8 mm length).  I really don't know what size these are in dia.  Could you please advise me the size (dia, length) of the screws that I would need to connect the bracket on to the TV.  I came across a manual on the web that mentions M8 screws.  But when I called a store to check the availability, they asked me what "pitch" screws do I need?  Please help.  Thanks.



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Re: Screw size needed to wall mount my tv

Hello rajanchaudry,

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If the manual for your particular model shows M8, that will be the width required. The length is going to be dependent on the thickness of the wall mount bracket, which can be determined by using a toothpick to gauge the depth of the threads on the back of the TV added to the thickness of the wall mount and any additional washers provided with the mount. In terms of "pitch" I am assuming they mean if it is fine or rough threads, which can be gauged by taking in one of the screws that came already screwed into the wallmount points on the back of the TV for the hardware store employee to match.

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Re: Screw size needed to wall mount my tv

O boy...


Insignia really needs to provide its Product Specialists with more information.  While I'm pleased to see you folks are probably in America and haven't been outsourced – unfortunately the reason I'm deducing that is ignorance about metric screws.  I'm really not judging you, most of us don't have a clue about metric screws until we go shopping for TV wall mount screws...or screws for an electric guitar bridge.  That's mostly our education system's fault.


However, regardless of technical background, you guys should have a list at your desk that tells you [this TV = this screw].  It should also list the distance of the holes for each model.  There can't have been that many units in this brand to make that an unreasonable foresight and the company engineers DO have the information needed.  While we're at it, the screw size and spread pattern should be listed in the manual, not, "Secure the wall mount bracket to the back of your TV using the four screws provided with your bracket."  There are no universal conventions, thus not all brackets will come with the right screws for all TV's.


By the flatscreen TV I've ever bought or seen, including my Insignia, came with screws already in the wall mount points.  Kudos to the company if they're doing that now.  Including the screws at all would be welcome.

_ _ _


Okay, more than you ever wanted to know about machine screw conventions:



Size is listed as either guage or outside width in inches, followed by the number of teeth per inch, followed by length in inches.

10-32 x 0.25 is a 10 guage screw with 32 teeth per inch, 1/4 of an inch long.

5/16-18 x 2 is a 0.3125" wide screw, 18 teeth per inch, two inches long.



Size is listed as  M number (the width of the outside of the threads), followed by pitch, which is the length of one thread, then the length of the screw, all in millimeters.

M3 x 0.5 x 6 is 3mm (millimeters) wide, with a half mm thread, 6mm long.  (Just for kicks, this is almost the same size as the first screw above.)

M8 x 1.0 x 20 is 8mm wide, 1mm thread, 20mm long.


Flat countersunk screws list the length of the entire screw.  Other types (pan head, round, hex) list the length of the screw not including the head.


When visiting a hardware store, some imperial screws may be called fine or rough thread pitch, but these are not technical terms.  Metric screws shouldn't ever be labeled as fine or rough.  Some screw widths may have up to four different pitches available, making those terms vague, at best.