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TV 24inch LED 24D310NA17 Channel lock-up on 9 only

Channel 9.1 Lock-Up: My Fix (thanks to earlier posts):


Remote the only way to switch TV off after Channel 9 lock-up. The power button on back right brings you back to #9 On. NOT necessary to plug wall plug out for more than a minute.


Remove coax cable from back.  Power on with remote. Screen comes on: Do you want to channel scan? Scroll to Antenna and Enter. Of course, no channel found. But memory of Channel 9 lock-up is gone! 


Insert coax cable at back again. Do a Channel Scan. Wait then Voila! Fixed.


Just don't choose Channel 9 again with an Enter, it MIGHT lock up again. Moving up & down with the remote control channel + or - seems OK.


After much trial & error, hope this helps others now.


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