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TV's as Computer Monitors

I currently have three Insignia TV's in my office being used as computer monitors. One is a model NS32D220NA16 (now a discontinued model) and is set up as work station 2 for another user. The other work station is two NS32D311NA17 (recently installed). What I found out after installing these two newer screens is that one remote affects all three TV's simultaneously. So powering up 2 that may be off will turn those on and if the other is on shut it off, same thing with volume and other settings. Very annoying and confusing.

Question: Is there a way to disable work station # 2 from remote operation as this model has the manual on off and volume buttons on the side of the unit (the two newer ones do not) or is there a way to change a remote or program code so the one set operates from one remote while the other two operate on a different code?