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TV won't find any channels

My insignia TV NS32L43OA11 TV, which is perfectly connected to an antena, won't load any channels. At first as I changed channels with the remote it would recognize the channel and show "11- FOx" on the top corner but it would say 'no signal'. Then I performed an auto search, which didn't find any channels, and now it only says no signal and asks me to do the auto search again

Can you help?

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Re: TV won't find any channels

Hello fabiocouto,

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Have you tried adjusting the orientation of your antenna and repeating the channel scan?  Digital broadcast TV signals can be highly directional and, unless your antenna is oriented accordingly, channels will not be found by a channel scan.  Some antennas are multidirectional and amplified to better receive broadcast channels. If your antenna doesn't include this functionality, you may wish to consider an upgrade.

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Re: TV won't find any channels

I have an almost identical problem that fabio has. When I first turned on my TV, I had all of the basic channels, but they all said no signal. After several channel scans I have two channels, 4 and 24, I am using a very old pair of Rembrandt rabbit ear antennas, I am not sure if they work or not as they do not appear to be effective even if I move them around. I also have a digital converter box that I used on my old TV, but when I hook that up my TV doesn't register it, and there is no improvement in the channel quality. Is there some setting I need to switch or should I try to hook up the converter box once more?