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Trouble Connecting Laptop to Insignia TV

Hey there.  I have tried to search as much as I can on here as well as other websites and am not finding a solution.  Hopefully you can assist me.


I have a Dell Insprion 9300 laptop that I am trying to connect to my new 42" Insignia LCD Model # NS-L42Q-10A.  I have connected to the HDMI on the TV with a HDMI to DVI converter cable and connected the DVI to the Dell Laptop.  When everything is connected, I continue to get an error on the TV that says "No Signal".

To see if I was having a laptop issue, I connected using the S-Video cable as well and it connected without a problem.  However, as you know, connecting using S-Video is not nearly as good a picture.  I would prefer the HDMI connection. 


To make sure the HDMI to DVI cable was not the issue I tested it on our blu ray to make sure that it was not the problem. It connected fine so the cable is fine.


I even tried connecHDMI ports on the TV and they are all giving me the same error.


  • What is your TV model number?  NS-L42Q-10A
  • If your concern occurs during viewing, in what mode does it happen (e.g. cable/satellite, gaming, over-the-air broadcasts, DVD/Blu-ray)?  All HDMI Modes
  • If other components are involved (e.g. a game console, home theater system, or Blu-ray player) what are they and how have you connected them to your TV (e.g. HDMI, composite, component)? A Dell Inspiron 9300 Laptop / HDMI to DVI cable
  • In the case of connecting a computer, have you recently upgraded your software/operating system? No, using Windows XP Professional Svc Pack 3 Version 2002 but will be upgrading to Windows 7 Professional in a few days
  • Is the problem intermittent or frequent? Always
  • Have you made any recent changes or additions to your home theater configuration? None


Please help!!!



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Re: Trouble Connecting Laptop to Insignia TV

Hello BigMamaCass,

Welcome to Community@Inisgnia™!

Seems you need to enable that output, that message you are getting is that NO SIGNAL at all is being sent through that connection. Most computer will by default send video signal to the laptops monitor, but other external source (such as VGA or DVI) needs to be enabled and will let you choose between having both working, just the external monitor or extended desktop (where both will show a part of the actual desktop). Check on the control panel or on the video icon and you will have an option to select the second monitor. My advise is, if you are having a hard time with this is to contact dell for them to guide you on this.


Once that is set, be sure you connect the Laptop to the HDMI1 port on the back of the TV. You may have a "MODE NOT SUPPORTED" message on the TV, that will mean that video signal is sent but the resolution is not compatible with the TV's supported ones (1024 x 768 or 1920 x 1080).


Thank you,
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Re: Trouble Connecting Laptop to Insignia TV

all insignia tvs seem to have a problem connecting to computers, and need a new panel on the back per one of your customer discussions, i just went through all this trouble shooting BS on the phone and they are sending someone out to check mine out, brand new out of the box.  WTF is up with Insignia and QC?  if they can't get it made right at least they could get their reps up to speed on the problem so they don't make customers jump thru ubelieveably UNNECESSARY hoops