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Tv Randomly turns off

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My tv is about 2 years old now and randomly shuts down, you can't turn it back on, you just have to wait and it turns back on. Orignially we figured it was over heating, and that seemed to be the case seeing as it stopped doing or at least did it less often when the ceiling fan is on, but recently it just turns off no matter how hold the room is.  Anyone have any ideas what it might be?

Model: NS-40D420NA 16 Rev B
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It is plugging into a dish hopper via hdmi

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Re: Tv Randomly turns off

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If you haven't already, try power-cycling the TV by turning it off and unplugging it for several minutes. This should serve to reset the TV hardware.


If the problem persists, your TV will likely need repairs. You can pursue service by carrying your TV in to your local Geek Squad. You can schedule an appointment by visiting We're Here to Help and selecting "Make a Reservation" under "Getting Help is Easy."




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