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Will Network settings be lost if unplugged ?

Looking to get a 30-40 ish sized tv that I can bring outside and use when needed. Once I setup the network settings, will they be lost when I unplug and bring the TV back in the house ?
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Re: Will Network settings be lost if unplugged ?

Hello vinnie,


Welcome to our Community! I appreciate the time you’ve taken to post to us regarding what you’re looking for. I’d be happy to help you answer your questions for you.


Unplugging an Insignia TV shouldn’t reset your TV, but it should restart it. Often times we’ll recommend unplugging your TV as a troubleshooting step. Upon reconnecting your TV to power you should be able to connect to the pre-existing network settings, and not have to reset any custom picture settings you might’ve chosen. However, Insignia TVs aren’t specially created with being outside in mind. It’s highly possible that the TV  will get sun damaged, or not perform as expected in non-temperature controlled area.  





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