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Will restarting my Roku TV affect my satellite?

I have Dish satellite but am considering restarting my TV so that the new Hulu update *hopefully* works. But I don't want to do this if it will interfere with my satellite and I'd have to have Dish come back and reconfigure. I know restarting sets it to factory settings and am worried about messing something up. Please let me know if you know or if you have tried this in the past.
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Re: Will restarting my Roku TV affect my satellite?

Hello andijo,


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Restoring your TV to factory defaults will remove all custom settings. If you have configured your TV settings specifically for use with Dish Network, those settings will be lost if the TV is reset.


If you are having trouble with your apps, I recommend contacting Insignia Support at 877-467-4289 for assistance troubleshooting your TV.


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