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Xbox 360 and my 32' LED/LCD TV

Good evening,

I was unable to hook my son's xbox 360 directly into the tv.  the model is NS-32E570A11
There are three connections yellow, red and white (audio and video) for the xbox.  When I plugged them into the side, the xbox did not work.  we are not using a HDMI connection.  We tried changing the settings to component option.  For the time being, we still have it connected to the dvd and the dvd to the tv to get it to work.

Thank you

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Re: Xbox 360 and my 32' LED/LCD TV

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Hello Paula,

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It sounds like you're trying to connect the Xbox with composite (RCA) cables to a component input.  Unfortunately, a converter is needed in order to make this connection.  You may wish to leave your current connection as is or connect via HDMI.

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