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screw size for NS-L322Q-10A

I haven't been able to use my TV with its stand since at least 2015. I've been limited to using it with a wall-mount, but now I live in an apartment, and they will not allow that. I've posted on other threads asking the same question and been given wrong answers, chiefly "This TV needs M4 Screws, 12mm and 16mm long (top 2 and bottom 2)." I am sure that before I lost the screws, they were all the same length. Furthermore, after purchasing these screws from the hardware store, they won't thread in any of the holes. M4 is not the solution, of any length. 


The TV sits in the corner of my room in a box with its stand. It is completely unusable. Haven't been able to use it since I moved in February. This has gone too far. Nothing like this has ever happened with an electronics company, and I cannot emphasize the degree of dissatisfaction I am experiencing. 


Thanks if you can help.